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wflow (pronounced dub-flow), is a suite of scripts which facilitates using a single cluster as a home base, written by S. Kirklin. Many aspects of its operation are shamelessly stolen from Bryce's ClusterCommander utility, but with expanded options, functionality and documentation. 


  • Default behavior is to find the cluster with the shortest queue and submit jobs to that cluster
  • Any time while the job is running, the std out can be checked from the home base
  • Once a job is completed, the completed results are transfered to the home base
  • The inputs used to generate the job are backed up in an 'input' directory within the submitted directory.


  • Must have passwordless ssh set up between your home base and all clusters you want to use
  • Must be willing to tell me what functionality you want, so I can keep making it better and more useful

How to get it?

Just ask me and I will get you started!

I am working on an "installer" to get everything auto-configured, but it isn't quite ready yet.