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Wei Chen

Research Interests

First-principles cluster expansion study of adsorbates and surface ordering of bimetallic catalysts

Current Research


Alloying at the surface may lead to two phenomena that will impact the catalytic performance: 1) surface ordering or segregation; 2) change in the pattern of adsorption/desorption of adsorbates. To describe these surfaces accurately, an ordering problem involving the interactions among both the adsorbates on the surface and alloying elements in the surface should be considered. 

We use computational tools (DFT calculations + surface cluster expansion + Monte Carlo simulations) to study the surface of bimetallic alloy catalysts, with a focus on the adsorbate and ordering effects on the surface. Our goal is to model these coupled surface interactions more rigorously and construct a predictive model that helps understand the catalytic activity better.


M.S. Materials Science and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


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