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Sean Griesemer

Current Research

High-throughput structure solution of inorganic materials utilizing experimental diffraction data and density functional theory.

Discovering new materials in high throughput using machine learning models.


2011 - 2015: The University of Chicago, B.A. in Physics


Sean Griesemer, Siheng Sean You, Pongaskorn Kanjanaboos, Melanie Calabro, Heinrich Jaeger, Stuart Rice, and Binhua Lin. “The role of ligands in the mechanical properties of Langmuir nanoparticle films.” (2017) Soft Matter 13, 3125-3133.

Morgan Reik, Melanie Calabro, Sean Griesemer, Edward Barry, Wei Bu, Binhua Lin, and Stuart Rice. “The influence of fractional surface coverage on the core-core separation in ordered monolayers of thiol-ligated Au nanoparticles.” (2019) Soft Matter 15, 8800-8807.