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David Snydacker

Research Interests

I am interested in designing scalable high performance materials for a carbon-neutral future, including batteries, photovoltaics, catalysts, and structural materials.

Current Research

I use first principles DFT calculations to understand Li-ion cathode and cathode coating materials. I am currently working on three projects:

  • Olivine LiMPO4 (M=Mn,Fe,Ni) materials to boost the energy density of LiFePO4
  • Li3PO4 cathode coating materials to prevent Mn dissolution and other chemical reactions
  • Carbon cathode coating materials to prevent Mn dissolution and other chemical reactions


Northwestern University.  Materials Science & Engineering.  2015. (anticipated)
Wesleyan University.  Chemistry; Molecular Biology & Biochemistry.  2009.

Middletown High School.  Middletown, RI.  2005.

Northwestern Hierarchical Materials Cluster Program Fellow. 2011-2012.

Initiative for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern Fellow. 2012-2013.

President, Northwestern Energy Technology Group (NETG), a student-run organization promoting discourse on energy and sustainability. (2012-2013)

Co-Founder, Co-Director, Northwestern Energy and Sustainability Consortium (NESC) to increase cross-campus collaboration between students and student groups in McCormick, Kellogg, Weinberg, etc. (2011-2013)

I played drums for Red Wire Black Wire for five years. Albums: "Compass EP" and "Robots & Roses"


David Snydacker.  "6-MI DNA Photophysics: A Computational MD/TD-DFT Study"  WesScholar Honors Theses.  2009.

Natalya Voloshchuk, Anita Zhu, David Snydacker, Jin Kim Montclare. “Positional Effects of Monofluorinated Phenylalanines on Histone Acetyltransferase Stability and Activity.” Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters. 2009.