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Bryce Meredig

Research Interests

Bryce's work consists of two main areas: 1) predicting the atomic structure of materials from first principles; and 2) investigating materials used for solar thermochemical fuel production.
A crystal structure prediction for Eu(AlH4)2.

Current Research

Bryce is currently working on developing new crystal structure prediction methods and on characterizing dopant properties in zirconia.


Outside of science, Bryce performs improvisational theatre, contributes to technology commercialization, and practices Zen.

Educational background:
B.A.S. Materials Science and Engineering & German Studies, Stanford University (2007)
Stanford University's Quad.


B. Meredig, A. Thompson, H.A. Hansen, C. Wolverton, and A. van de Walle. Method for locating low-energy solutions within DFT+U, Phys Rev B (2010)

B. Meredig and C. Wolverton. First-principles thermodynamic framework for the evaluation of thermochemical H2O- or CO2-splitting materials, Phys Rev B (2009)

B. Meredig, A. Salleo, and R. Gee. Ordering of Poly (3-hexylthiophene) Nanocrystallites on the Basis of Substrate Surface Energy, ACS Nano (2009)